<![CDATA[ Latta's Libretto- - Classroom News]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 00:23:30 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[Jan 18-22]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 00:10:29 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/jan-18-22We are halfway through January and I heard this week that we only have 62 days until the first day of spring. This includes weekends and weekdays. That sounds promising, doesn't it? Let’s turn the grey skies into blue skies!

The last couple of weeks have been a lot of fun as our class has been learning about Ancient Egypt.  This week we will wrap up our mini unit on this topic.  Students will be presenting their google slide shows and we will be have a final unit test.  This week we will be making a Cartouche.  It should be fun.  Be sure to ask your child about the mummies we made- they were a lot of fun too!

Thank-you for your extra support with long division.  Students are starting to feel more confident with this skill and this week we will add in decimals and begin talking about BEDMAS (Order of Operations) Math Prodigy now has division equations loaded onto our students' accounts.

Our novel study has arrived and students should be bringing home their new novels to read this week. 

Grade 6 Grad Hoodies can be ordered until the end of the month.  We need a dozen orders to be able to actually place the order

Skating Permission slips went home last week.  Please return these forms as soon as possible.  i am still looking for a parent to volunteer to drive our equipment over and also parents to help tie skates on these days.  Thank-you in advance for your help with this.

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​Welcome Back! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and were able to spend some relaxing time with your family and friends.  I enjoyed a wonderful, quieter Christmas and am excited to be returning to work tomorrow.  The early mornings, I think, are much to be desired though.  No more sleeping in and lazy mornings playing in our pajamas!

Reminder this Friday we go to TCC for Gymnastics (we will also be going next Friday Jan 15).  Please submit your child's permission slip and fees ($13 for 2 sessions & Bus)  as soon as possible if you have not yet done so.  Students will need to wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move.  They do not allow for blue jeans.  Girls are expected to tie their hair back and remove earrings and jewelry.  I'm certain it will be a fun afternoon

This term we begin new learning and continue to build skills we started before the break.

Reading: This week we will be enjoying some short stories and working on comprehension skills.  We will soon however be starting our novel study Underground to Canada.  It is a wonderful story that is set in the United States and Canada in the years leading up to the American Civil War.  It depicts the hard lives of slaves in the American South and the people who helped them escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad

Math:  In math we will continue to build our speed and recall with multiplication facts.  Students are completing Math Speed/Timed Drills on Multiplication tables.  They have approx. 120 questions on each time table to complete and can only progress to the next level if they complete it with no more than 2 mistakes.  They enjoy this challenge and are quite motivated!

We will be beginning long division this week.  Students will find this tricky and it always takes extra practice at home to build confidence with the steps.  Any extra support you can provide at home would be great!

Social Studies   We will begin this term with a mini unit about Ancient Civilizations.  We will focus mostly on Ancient Egypt.  Students are always very interested in learning about Mummies and hieroglyphics.  

The month of February and March will be entirely spent on the development of Canada and Coming to Canada.  This will co inside with our novel study and provide more background information to students on Early Canada.

This Week in our Class
Mon: Gym
Tues: French/Computers/Library Sign-out
Thurs: French/Gym
Fri: Gymnastics at TCC- Travel by Bus at 12:30 pm
Menchies Day

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This is Christmas Concert week!!! We are so excited to debut Santa Knows Best on Wed and Thurs at 12:45 pm.

Students on Monday and Tuesday have rehearsals to prepare for three days.
Monday, students need to come with sunglasses and a Santa hat
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.....students need sunglasses, Santa hat and to wear red and black

Thank you for your help with this!

Monday: permission slips are coming home for gymnastiCs

Report cards came home on Friday. Please sign your child's envelope and return it to the school. Thank you

Grade 6 Grad Hoodies were sent home on Friday!! The students were so excited.

Math: we're starting timed math drills to learn our times tables. Please help your child learn them. We all start with three 2 times table and if they complete the level with no more than two errors, they are allowed to move up one level. We will continue this in January.

We're almost finished Among the Hidden!! What a wonderful novel. Students will be having a final test on Thursday morning.
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Xmas Concert: Our Christmas Concert is happening Wednesday Dec 16 and Thursday Dec 17. This year's musical is called Santa Knows Best. All classes will be performing a piece with a buddy class. Students will also sing a few pieces with the choir.

Our class is singing a piece titled "Assert Yourself". It is during a part when Santa takes assertiveness training and learns to say "no". Our class is performing with Mrs.Erichuks class. Students will need to wear red shirts and black bottoms. We have also asked students to wear Sun glasses and Santa hats.

Gymnastics- Jan 8/ Jan15 (Fridays)
Feb 4/Feb11 (Thursdays)
 Field Trips- I wanted to let you know I've booked skating and gymnastics for our class in the New year.

Permission slips will be coming home for gymnastics soon. I will need drivers for this event. If you're able to drive that would be great. I know with many working families, notice is needed for this to happen. The dates are two Friday afternoons in Jan. Having parents drive, helps to keep the cost of this trip down.  Taking a school buses add a significant cost to be factored in.

Also skating will be happening on two Thursdays in February. The school does  have a few skates available for students to borrow depending on sizes. Students will also be expected to have a helmet (bike helmet is fine) and gloves.  I am looking for parents to come along on this field trip to help tie skates and drive out equipment over.  If you''re able to help with this, please let me know. 

We're looking forward to these events.

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What Are We Learning in Class?
Reading- We are continuing this week on our Novel Study Among the Hidden. We are currently working on questions for chapter 13&14. We have read in class up to chapter 16. This week we will read up to chapter 18.

Math- We worked a lot last week on Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples. We learned what is a factor and a multiple. We began learning about prime numbers and learned how to make a factor tree. We will continue with these skills this week. Students will learn to differentiate between a composite number and a prime number. Please practice times tables with your child. Multiplication is a really helpful tool when learning this concept.
*** Do you know each week your child has a little math quiz along with their weekly spelling quiz? They should be bringing it home. It is a nice way for you to see what we are learning.

Social Studies- Wednesday is our big test on Continents/ Oceans and Canada. Students should have brought home a study sheet last week. We are learning about refugees and the war in Syria right now. Students will be completing another map on the Middle East.
Writing- Student are learning about sentence structure. They are learning to identify types of sentences and proper punctuation in sentences.

Science- Students have been learning about Mixtures and Solutions

This Week:
Mon Nov. 23 Gym- 1 pm
Library Research- 11:10 am

Tues Nov. 24 Library Sign-out- 1:40 pm
Me2We Bake Sale- noon

Wed Nov. 25 Grade 6 immunizations- 1 pm
Library Research 1:40 pm

Social Studies Map Test

Thurs. Nov. 26 Gym- 1 pm
Choir 10:20 am
French 11:10 am
Me2We Purdy’s Chocolates Sale- $3 each item

Fri. Nov. 27 Hot Dog Day
Gr. 6 Grad Hoodie Orders Due

Upcoming Events:
Thu Dec 3 Early closure-12:30 pm - P/T int
Fri Dec. 4 Menchies Day
on Dec 7 Pro D
Fri. Dec. 11 Report Cards Go Home

Tues Dec. 15 Dress Rehearsal Xmas Concert- School Watches @ 1 pm
Wed Dec 16 Xmas Concert- 1 pm
Thurs Dec. 17 Xmas Concert- 1 pm
Fri Dec 18 PJ Day
Pizza Day

Mon. Jan. 4 School is back in Session

<![CDATA[Nov. 16-20]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2015 23:18:54 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/nov-16-20I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Quite the snow we had this morning. This is a sure sign the weather is changing and winter is upon us. I noticed the custodian put out our boot racks this week. Winter is definitely on its way!

Our class is making wonderful progress and has really settled in to routines. We have a lovely group of hardworking students. They are learning to be organized and prepared for class. Students are given deadlines for projects and assignments and many are now learning to hand things in on time and to study and review concepts at home. Your child will need support and guidance at this grade to learn these study skills.

​Please know we do have a custodian in the building until 10 pm each night. Students can come and knock on the doors and windows to have him let them in to get forgotten items (After doing this a few times, guaranteed students suddenly start to remember to bring home items :) Thank-you for your help in teaching responsibility!

Student + Parent + Teacher = Success!

Learning in our Class
Novel Study- "Among the Hidden"- we are currently on chapter 11-13 questions. Monday is the deadline for chapter summaries for chp. 8-10. We have read aloud up to chapter 16.
Writing: We have been working on sentence structure and paragraph form. Students are learning about parts of speech (noun, verb, adjectives, adverbs)
We have begun learning about factors and multiples. I have been giving them a weekly math quiz each Friday to test the concepts taught that week. This week we will be looking a LCM/GCM and Prime Factors. Please continue to allow your child to work on math prodigy 2-3x a week .
Science:Ms.Gobelle has finished up the Human Body Unit and has started a new unit on solutions and mixtures
We are continuing to learn about Canada and the parts of the Government.

This Week in our Class:
Library Research
Tuesday: French
Library Signout
Boys Vball at Parkcrest - come out and cheer! 3 pm
Wednesday: Library Research
Chopped Leaf- Hot Lunch Day
PAC Meeting 6:30

Thursday: Choir
Girls Vball at Parkcrest - come out and cheer! 3 pm
Friday: Computers
PAC Craft Fair- 4 pm

<![CDATA[November 13th, 2015]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 04:00:36 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/november-13th-2015 Chapter Summary paragraphs for chapters 8-10 due Monday. /15

Socials Map on a BC due Monday. /65]]>
<![CDATA[Gr.6 Grad Hoodies-forms were sent home Friday Nov. 13]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 00:25:12 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/gr6-grad-hoodies-forms-were-sent-home-friday-nov-13
<![CDATA[Nov 9-13]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 03:44:49 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/nov-9-131
This Week:
Mon: Gym
Tues: French/computers
Science Test
Remembrance Day Assembly: 10:45 am
Wear Red and Black
Wed: NO School- Remembrance Day
Thurs: French/Gym

Scholastic Book Fair:
This Week our school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. Students will have opportunities to buy books on Tuesday and Thursday during class as well as after school until 3pm

<![CDATA[Oct. 26-30th]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2015 00:49:28 GMThttp://lattaslibretto.weebly.com/classroom-news/oct-26-30thPicture

This Week at School

Monday- Spelling Test
Library- Japan Research

Tuesday: Computers
​ Library Sign-out Day

Wednesday: Health Forum @ TCC all day
Thursday - Photo Re-Takes
Friday: Papa Johns Pizza Day
Halloween Dance
Pumpkin Carving- 8:45 am- Bring a pumpkin!

Wednesday Field Trip to TCC
Reminder we leave for TCC on Wednesday at 8;45 am and will not be back until 2:30 pm. Students will need to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for gym. We will be doing a lot of movement on this day. I am concerned as I only have received roughly half of the permission slips back. The $2 fee helps to pay for the cost of the bus. This is going to be a large event with many other students from the school district. It should be a wonderful experience for our students.

Halloween Events in Latta's Class on Friday
1) Pumpkin Carving: Friday morning @ 8:45 am we will be carving pumpkins with our buddy class- Mrs. Shantz's grade 2's. Students will need to bring one small pumpkin to carve. They will be able to bring their own pumpkins home at the end of the day.
2) Halloween Dance: All intermediate students will be allowed to go to the Halloween dance in the afternoon. There is a $2 admission to get in to the dance. This money will go toward paying for the DJ- Thanks!!
3) PAC will be selling glow bracelets at the dance as well for 50 cents. There will not be a concession at this dance as the students will be having a lot of treats on this day.
4) Students may bring treats on this day to share with the class. We will not have a party per sae but students will be doing Halloween themed activities

5) Costumes are welcome on Friday but I'm encouraging our class to change at recess so they don't spoil their costume when we are carving pumpkins. No masks, weapons or accessories please. Thanks!!

Grade Six Immunization will be on Tuesday November 3. Please return your child's forms right away as the health nurse needs them prior to her school visit. Thank you!!